About Peering

Peering is a process by which two Internet networks agree to connect and exchange traffic. It allows them to directly hand off traffic between each other’s clients, without having to pay a third party to carry that traffic across the Internet for them.

Peering is distinct from transit, the more usual way of connecting to the Internet, in which an end user or network operator pays another, usually larger, network operator to carry all their traffic for them.

What is an Internet Exchange Point or IPX?

What is an Internet Exchange Point or IXP?

The Internet is a global system of interconnected networks—essentially a network made up of many other networks. An Internet Exchange point or IXP is a set of physical infrastructure (routing equipment, etc.) where Internet Service Providers and Content Providers interconnect in order for Internet traffic to be exchanged between themselves and others who are connected to the exchange. The primary role is to keep local Internet traffic within local infrastructure.

The main benefits include low cost, reduced latency and good bandwidth due to avoiding the data routing through upstream Internet Providers.

Governance and Policies

Eurasia Peering will have an independent governing body. It will guide the exchanges’ development in Moscow and across Eurasia. As the peering platform grows IXcellerate intends to convert Eurasia Peering to a member’s owned exchange. Members must comply with specific technical conditions here and sign a Participation Agreement.

  • Joining Fees
  • $ 0.00
  • The only charge for joining Eurasia Peering is the cost of the cross-connect inside IXcellerate’s Moscow One Datacentre.
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  • Infrastructure and Support

  • Eurasia Peering is housed in IXcellerate’s carrier neutral colocation site:- Moscow One Datacentre, a Tier 3 concurrently maintainable and fault tolerant facility with a dedicated carrier room.
  • On site 24x7 monitoring with 24x7 remote technical support;
  • 24x7 on-site support from skilled technicians;
  • Remote hands support available on demand;
  • Self-service web-site for support requests;
  • On site standard spares and tool kits are available for customers.
  • Rack colocation space

  • Half or part racks available, lockable cabinet available, racks are in secured room;
  • SLA of 99.999%;
  • 24x7 security manning;
  • CCTV coverage inside and outside;
  • Multiple level access control (site, building, room, rack/cage);
  • Environmental control, high quality air conditioning, robust fire detection and suppression systems;
  • Power – dual power suppliers from 2N UPS infrastructure, dual site feeds and generator back up.